Current Syndicate Opportunities
Ownagreyhound Rio syndicate
Addis Boy / Kinetic Rio pups
Born 8/11/2014
Addis Boy: A son of Token Prince, he leaves competitive racers who generally become good syndicate dogs due to their durability.
            Kinetic Rio: A daughter of Elite state who won 10 races and made open class. Best winning times 17.52 at Wanganui.
Price: $1250 each or $125 per 10% share(or 5% in both)
Rearing Fees: $25 per month per 10% (or 5% in both) until 12 months old
Break in/training Fees: $45 per month per 10% (or 5% in both)from 12 months
Additional costs:
  • Syndicate Registration/Naming etc $25 per person (1 off cost)
  • Annual council dog registration $10 per 10% (or 5% in both) share per year
  • Any additional large vet fees (unlikely)
  • Rehoming Cost $150+  per dog 1 off
2 dogs available from a litter of 7
Additional costs are estimated and may be subject to change by local body or national authorities.
Syndicate will be run from 1/1/2015. At 3yrs of age the pups will be advertised offered for sale. The syndicate may choose to keep their dog racing or re-formulate the syndicate with those that wish to stay in.
Contact me now if interested       info@ownagreyhound.co.nz
Big Sam Junior Champion Racedog
Shoot-out Winner
Multiple Group Winner
Track Record Holder
Greyhound of the year
Big Sam Junior
We currently have 7 dogs racing for various syndicate members under the ownagreyhound and other syndicate names, we look forward to any enquiries regarding available places or new syndicates.

email; info@ownagreyhound.co.nz for further information

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